5 Cent Tour Checklist


5 Cent Tour Checklist


  • How to hold the paddle
  • How to forward paddle
  • How to turn
  • What to do if they get stuck
  • What to do if they flip the boat
  • Where should they go (lake)
  • Let them know where to get out (river)



Paddle Boarding

  • How to adjust the paddle
  • Holding the paddle
  • How to paddle straight
  • How to turn
  • How to stand on the board - where to begin
  • How to adjust their foot placement
  • How to get back on board if they fall
  • Explain board put in and take out - knee deep because of fins



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Life Jacket Fitting

Life Jacket Fitting

Make sure all of the straps are loosened first.

Start by securing the three clips in the front.

Tighten the three clips.

The top strap on the side should be tightened before the bottom strap.

Adjust the shoulder straps.

Pull up on the shoulder straps. 

If they go above the bottom of the ear lobe, it is too loose.

If not, the fit is good.

Bike Seat Adjustment

Bike Seat Adjustment

Standing next to the bike seat, bend leg at the hip.

The seat should be at the same level as the hip.





  • Fluids
  • Tire pressure
  • Lights
  • Leaks and damage


ABC Check

  • Air -  Tire pressure
  • Brakes -  Do they both function properly?
  • Chain - Is it broken, detached, or need cleaned/lubricated?
  • Check - Take it for a test ride! Go through all of the gears.

Life Jacket

  • Check all straps for fraying or cuts
  • Inspect each buckle for cracks or breaks
  • Does it smell?
  • Is it dirty?