Life’s Short, Get Carried Away is more than just a slogan…


Life’s Short, Get Carried Away is more than just a slogan, it’s a way of life. When you were a kid, a summer felt like an eternity. Everyday a new adventure or experience. As we grow older, new adventures/experiences become more and more less frequent, life seems to speed up. You blink and an entire year just vanishes. So why was life so much slower as a child? We were too busy in the outdoors, getting dirty, making memories, enjoying the present, worrying about nothing except what we were going to explore tomorrow.

Carried Away Outfitters was founded to inspire, motivate, and activate the pursuit of the outdoors in all ages.

Studies have not only shown spending time in the outdoors have significant health benefits that can be directly linked to living a longer healthier life, it’s also fun… Where will your next adventure be?


Group Trips

The outdoors are a great way to build trust, form bonds, and make memories! Contact us for more information on how we can organize your next group trip.


Guided Trips

We are currently in the process of planning many new guided trips for Summer of 2019. Want us to plan a personalized trip for you and your group?