Axe-citing Fundraiser Options

Axe Throwing Fundraisers
Are you looking for an axe-citing way to raise money for your group or organization? Carried Away Axe Throwing puts the fun in fundraising. 
How it works: choose an agreed upon Thursday, choose your fundraising option, we set the safety protocols, you make money.
Our goal is for you to raise the largest amount of money, with the least amount of work.  Below are your fundraising options.
 1. Private Event Rental
We rent you the Axe Throwing Arena, you set the ticket prices and you sell the tickets. This option lets you control the price of your tickets and maximize your margins. You can also host other options with a private event rental: Axe-a-thon, private tournament, etc.
2. Revenue Split
We charge our normal fees at the door and provide you with a revenue split. This is an easy, quick and low-pressure option to raise money. We can even help you market your event to maximize your exposure.
3. Coupon with Donation
During either of the above options, we can offer coupons for future visits in exchange for additional monetary and/or in-kind donations to your fundraiser.